Join me and Pat Pattison on Saturday, May 20th for our next workshop.

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Elevate your Elevator Pitch Info

  • Saturday May 20th

  • 7 hours: 9:30am-4:30pm

  • Pasadena Area

  • More info: 626-429-3296

  • Cost: $400 per person

  • 5 Elemental steps to creating the perfect pitch:

  • How to perfect your elevator pitch about you business, service or product. We show you the 5 elements of persuasion and coach you in getting it “just right” to make people care and achieve your goals. We also do one on one coaching to help you overcome nervousness and the obstacles that are holding you back. The final product is a concise 1-2 minute video you can use for your website or marketing purposes.

If you would like to join Bob and Pat, sign up here.