Dickman on Leadership Series

Bob recently filmed a series of videos: Dickman on Leadership - Leadership Lessons from Classic Films. These videos use examples from classic films to illustrate leadership strengths and weaknesses.

The Caine Mutiny & Trusting Your Leader

Building trust is key to successful leadership. This point is dramatically illustrated in the classic film The Caine Mutiny.

The Seven Samurai & Overcoming Blind Spots

We explore an important lesson from The Seven Samurai. How essential it is to see yourself clearly in high stakes situations.

Bull Durham & Overcoming Performance Anxiety

With the help of Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins we explore ways to over come the #1 American phobia - Public Speaking.

Being There & The Importance of Deep Listening

Through a clip of Peter Sellers' excellent performance in the film "Being There" we learn about the importance of deep listening.

Walker & How Boundaries Can Save Your Life

I share a personal experience from the set of the Ed Harris film WALKER where losing sense of my personal boundaries put my personal safety at risk.

The Man with Two Brains & The Dangers of Confirmation Bias

In The Man With Two Brains we see how strong emotions, when hidden from view, bias the best of intentions.

Loose Cannons & The Unintended Consequeces of Praise

Even your most high achieving team members are vulnerable to the power of praise. I share a personal experience on the set of Loose Cannons with Gene Hackman and Dan Aykroyd.

Robin Williams & Re-building Self Confidence in the Moment

This lesson is from The Best of Times, staring Robin Williams - Revitalizing yourself by doing something you're good at.

Coaching & Workshop videos

The following clip is taken from a TV interview show called "ReMade in America". The host and producer is Pat Pattison. In it Bob coaches Pat on developing greater executive presence.

Coaching Pat on becoming a more present leader.

Telling a Story From the Inside Out: Bob Dickman delivers a talk to executives at Nike.

The Story of John Phipps: Phipps survived one of the worst train disasters in California history. Here Bob explains how it relates to driving influence through story.