Bob recently filmed a series of videos: Dickman on Leadership - Leadership Lessons from Classic Films. These videos use examples from classic films to illustrate leadership strengths and weaknesses.

The entire series can be viewed here:

Building trust is key to successful leadership. This point is dramatically illustrated in the classic film The Caine Mutiny.
We explore an important lesson from The Seven Samurai. How essential it is to see yourself clearly in high stakes situations.
With the help of Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins we explore ways to over come the #1 American phobia - Public Speaking.

The following clip is taken from a TV interview show called "ReMade in America". The host and producer is Pat Pattison. In it Bob coaches Pat on developing greater executive presence.

Coaching Pat on becoming a more present leader.

Telling a Story From the Inside Out: Bob Dickman delivers a talk to executives at Nike.

The Story of John Phipps: Phipps survived one of the worst train disasters in California history. Here Bob explains how it relates to driving influence through story.