Do you launch new initiatives only to have them not stick?
Are your teams in conflict with each other, or unclear about everyone’s role?
Are you frustrated, because your team doesn’t remember what’s important to you?


When it's essential to be remembered ..... Tell a story!

At FirstVoice our talks demonstrate to companies of all sizes how to create narratives that take root in people’s minds, causing them to care and take positive action. In this era of information overload, your mission must be expressed in a way that people remember and care about, inside and outside your company. Successful leaders can’t do everything themselves; they need to influence others to achieve their goals. We give precise, analytical, science-based methods on how to do that—how to influence through story. In Bob’s words, “If you can’t use a gun…tell a story!”

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Bob is a deep listener and an enthralling storyteller. Bob’s approach to helping others discover their own transformative stories is amazing! His coaching and facilitation provides people with a new understanding around the power of storytelling as a way to illuminate ideas in the business world and change the way people think.