Two different ways of coaching, each with its own effect and succes and both organized with the same enthusiasm and dedication of Bob Dickman.



Do your customers care about what you care about? Do your employees? How about your boss?


Grab An Advantage

The ability to tell a story which moves people to act is an essential skill. Leaders who master this have an advantage in negotiating, creating organizational vision and developing new products and services. Narrative coaching is a process in which the five basic building blocks of a compelling story can be learned and practiced, we call this The Five Elements of Storytelling.

Influence Through Story

 Clients will be coached how to build authentic stories that makes stakeholders care. They will learn how to shape stories that can change entire cultures. And they’ll leave the coaching experience with the skill and knowledge to build new memorable stories that spread through the culture and allow both leader and follower to reach their goals.

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Are you in a new type of job you’d like to handle better? Got a staff that you want to inspire, or a key client that you need to communicate with? Are you a creative type surrounded by numbers people, or a quantifier heading a team of right-brained artists?


The First Step to Building Influence Through Story

 Executive coaching, with an emphasis on narrative and communication, could be the answer. It can be done one-on-one with FirstVoice in a private setting, or as part of a series of workshops held onsite. FirstVoice has helped thousands of executives at every size organization, level of career development, and across countless fields, using his unique approaches to leadership and communication.

Executive coaching is an efficient, highly effective way to solve problems that are costing you time and money, and preventing you from having the success that you deserve. 

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Your concepts on story, its importance, and how to use them were terrific.
The fast paced self-coaching pairs and trios worked well.