My coaching experience with Bob has had a powerful influence on molding my leadership presence, strengthened my tolerance for risk and boosted my self-suppressed confidence. He has transformed me into a leader with the confidence to attack challenges as opposed to retrenching.

A Mirror For Hire

 Writer, speaker and coach Bob Dickman holds up a mirror to leaders who have the courage to look at themselves closely, and do what it takes to increase their competitive edge. Collaborating with senior management teams, he has coached and developed trainings for clients at Banana Republic, The New York Times Company, Aramark, California Academy of Science, Ford Motor Company, Nike and The United States Naval Post Graduate School, and many others.


A Thought Leader on Narrative Communication

 Bob writes often on story and its use as a management tool. His book, The Elements of Persuasion (published by HarperCollins and co-authored with Richard Maxwell), was nominated as a top business book of 2007, and has been translated into 14 languages. He has also written articles for The Systems Thinking Journal and MIT’s Reflections Journal. 

Bob is a graduate of Goddard College and the Hudson Institute’s program in organizational coaching. The Hudson Institute has certified him as a Master Coach. He is also certified by The International Coaching Federation.


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