Jerry Giorgio is affectionately called Big Daddy Uptown by his colleagues due to his ability to get confessions from even the most hardened criminals. You might be surprised to learn he doesn’t water board, use a rubber hose, or even resort to verbal abuse. His secret weapon is more powerful; it's storytelling. “You’ve heard of ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’ I don’t need the bad cop. I’m always the good cop because deep down everybody wants to tell his or her story. No matter how damaging it is or how important it is to remain quiet, suspects want to tell their story. The secret is to get the suspects talking. The stream of words will eventually flow to the truth.” If Big Daddy Uptown can get hardened criminals to open up, think how much easier it is for you to get your customers, clients, and managers to open up and tell their story.  The urge to tell a story is innate and powerful, it only takes a little coaxing to get most people to start sharing.*

The advantages to getting people to share their story is profound; You learn what they really care about. You discover their concerns and challenges.  You understand what's on their mind and in their hearts. Actively listening to people opens the door to a deeper, longer term relationship. While listening you gain trust and the hidden knowledge to close the deal

So, what can you do to draw someone’s story out?  Here are a couple of quick tips:

Ask them three questions:

  • What’s vital and important for you to accomplish?
  • What’s getting in your way?
  • How can I help?

These questions are designed to prompt people to tell their story. Like Big Daddy, be prepared to really listen.   You’ll be amazed to discover how much you learn.

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*Source material from "The Dark Art of Interrogation" by Mark Boden, published in The Atlantic Monthly