There are only two weeks left to get your early bird discount. Sign up now! Recently Lynda Resnick, the CEO of a two billion dollar conglomerate whose brands include Fiji Water, Teleflora, and POM Wonderful, stated the principle behind her success. “I donʼt do companies that donʼt have a story. If they donʼt have a story, they donʼt have a business.”

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In this four hour, interactive workshop you will learn to tell a story which…

  • …makes others care about whatʼs important to you;
  • …differentiates yourself from your competition;
  • …speaks to the challenges that face your clients, manager or direct reports;
  • …transforms trying to convince people into having them see new possibilities;
  • …enrolls new clients and co-workers.

Past participants in this workshop have included attorneys, accountants, coaches, managers, engineers, entertainment executives, officers of non-profits, entrepreneurs, and even actual rocket scientists. It can help you, too!