These are tough times and most of us are being pressured to do without or do with less. So how is it possible that millions of people suddenly became concerned for the welfare of a single small brown and white terrier -so involved that the US Navy and Coast Guard were reluctantly pressured to send in ships and aircraft.

What force of nature could cause all this commotion? Why a story of course...

Bob has the ability to help you connect with your "Stories" - more importantly he helps explain in detail how to construct and tell the stories needed for all individuals and organizations. Prior to Bob's workshop I was struggling with the transformational description of myself and newly formed business. Bob's ability to "Listen" and connect me to my mind’s eye has allowed me to create a great and needed personal story. This newly formed story has the clarity and impact needed to help my clients and customers understand what our message is.
—Dr. Dale Deardorff Former Director of Strategic Thinking, Boeing

Join Bob in his Find Your Business Story Workshop on Sept. 22 and mobilize your forces: